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Guanlan Prints Rostrum | The First Chapter--Years of Printing


Song Yuanwen’s lecture--Years of Printing was jointly organized by Longhua New District Cultural Development Office, China Printmaking Museum and China Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, held at the academic reporting hall of China Ptintmaking Museum at 3:00pm on Janurary 9,2015.

There were numerous famous print artists, enthusiasts, students form Shenzhen University and teachers from Guanlan High School attending the lecture. The lecture insisted of four sections, namely, “ Appreciation and Analysis of Art Works”, “Experience Sharing”, Interation with Audience” and “Books Donation”. Mr. Song, a scholar on the stage but also a friend, shared with us his lifetime teaching experience of prints and humanistic spirit without reserve.


宋源文 《黑白天地》  50x75cm 2010

宋源文 《不了情》 44x59cm 2011

宋源文 《风》 2014

宋源文 《秋色的记忆》  2014